69 Lariat Yearbook 'I never met a man I didn't like.' - Will Rogers

Will Rogers High School

Class of '69

Updated Sept 15, 2019

Personal Updates by Date
Update Date Full Name Update Info
9/15/2019 Don McCaslin Number one interest is hunting, some fishing, and family, in that order. (Wife of 45 years is completing this form, so you know this is all true.)

9/15/2019 Hilkka Hemminki AFS exchangestudent from Finland 1968-1969
9/3/2019 Alan Dale Carmichael Retired from Williams Cos 3 1/2 years ago. Busy with kids and 8 grandkids, church (FBCOwasso), mission trips to Arizona and Mexico, golf, etc. Active member of Ok Baptist Disaster Relief group. Don't know how I had time to work before. Life/God is good. Blessed more than I deserve. ADC
8/19/2019 Stan Rhea 5-children, 8-grandchildren, 2-great grand children, BSCE University of Oklahoma 1980 retired in 2015 after 34 years with an international engineering and construction company.
8/17/2019 James A Wing Vietnam Vet 90% disabled. 4 years Army, 33+ years US Post Office. Retired 13yrs. 2 children 8 grandchildren. They range from 16yrs to 5yr old twins. Patty, my wife of 34yrs, and I like to travel and camp.
8/7/2019 Frank Campbell I am a Vietnam & Germany Veteran 70 to 74. I worked for Firestone for 15 years as a mechanic Plus worked for Austin Energy in Austin TX as a HVAC Tech for 15. All of this came from the GI bill. I've been married 25 years to a beautiful Christian Lady that got me on the right track with Jesus. We have 4 grandchildren. I've been sober ever since 3/15/87. Happy about that. My hobbies are travelling, golfing, and I'm still playing my bagpipes. We've been retired since 2013 as a 100% disabled veteran. We live in Dell Webb retired settlement in Summerfield, FL near The Villages.
7/30/2019 Lauren Young Payne Dorsey and I will celebrate our 50th wedding Anniversary on November 1, 2019.
WE have four beautiful granddaughters. Nicole our oldest daughter has Danielle 8, Laura 3. Then Victoria has Cordelia 3 and Scarlett 2. Love living in Big Sky Country Montana.
7/21/2019 Mary Hicks Eubanks I live in Sand Springs with husband James. Sorry I will not attend the event on Friday night but will be at Sand Springs football game with family watching my oldest grandson.
I am retired after working 33 years in banking and 10 years with Sand Spring Chamber of Commerce, last 5 as president.
7/17/2019 Margee Ahrend Gaeddert Go Ropers! Tony and I have been married for 45 years this coming August 18, 2019. He is my OSU sweetheart. We have two sons and 5 grandchildren. I own Gaeddert Art & Design Studio in Okla. City, OK (where we have lived for 43 years). I am an award winning graphic artist, watercolorist, calligrapher, caricaturist and illustrator using my BFA from OSU. I am also an Adobe Certified Trainer/Expert in the popular software Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Tony and I have traveled to 21 countries, cruised seas, flown in helicopters, rode down Pikes Peak on bikes, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge at night, visited Cuba on an arts and jazz tour, and I was an exchange member of the Friendship Force to South Korea. I love being a member of the Lutheran church. I devour books, varieties of desserts, and movies. Our friends and families are my devotions. We both are cancer survivors. And very blessed. Happy 50th to our classmates!
6/23/2019 Pat Hufford Sullivan Enjoying retirement and having time to read. No children, one fat spoiled cat. I'm looking forward to the 50th!
3/12/2019 Marlene E. Davis Retired/teach ceramics/work part time at the Mustard Seed. A group home for adults with disabilities. Teach Special Ministries's Sunday School. Have a rescue shi tzu named Max.
3/10/2019 Beverly Cutbirth Bailey Married, retired librarian, two children, two grand children, three dogs.
3/10/2019 Jim Dodson .I won't able to attend the reunion but I do enjoy keeping up on what's going on. Please feel free to contact me directly.
3/8/2019 James A. Williams My wife and I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. We attend Victory Church and I lead two men's groups. I am a practicing attorney.
2/26/2019 Kathy Corbett Langley Retired paralegal, mother of 2 daughters, grandmother to 3, and married 48 yrs. to the same guy I dated in high school.
2/22/2019 Sandra Herring Hayes I am a Professional Musician - Singer, College Voice Professor, Church Music Director, and sing with Tulsa Oratorio Chorus; as well as an Adjudicator for State Choral Contests. I judged one today, in fact. I am also a "retired" High School Choral Director of Tulsa Public Schools' in fact, my last job with Tulsa Public Schools was as Vocal Music Director of Will Rogers High School. I was also Supervisor of Vocal and General Music for Tulsa Public Schools for a couple of years. My Mother has Dementia but is still able to live in her own home with MUCH help and support from me encouraging her and making sure she eats as well as administer meds to her daily and take care of all her financial affairs. ) I am the Director of the 2019 Presbyterian Women Synod of the Sun Gathering which will be hosted at First Presbyterian Church, Tulsa on July 25 - 27, 2019. It will involve not only the three Presbyteries in Oklahoma but also those from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. (SIGH!) Ready for that to happen and be off my plate! All this to say, I am so busy I cannot keep up with WRHS Alums but do want to make sure I stay abreast of our 50th Reunion activities and attend it. Thank you for keeping me in-the-loop. I appreciate it.
2/20/2019 Michael R Thurber Retired, Married for 34 years, 3 children, 5 grandchildren. Love to Fish Bass Tournaments.
1/23/2019 John Hurn, Teacher i just wanted to come and see some old friends in the class of '69. Please let me know about the reunion so I can come and visit sometime the reunion.
mr. hurn
dr. hurn
1/12/2019 Marilyn Gerard Sanders Married 43 years, 1 son, 4 grand kids, 6 great grand kids with one more due in April.
10/27/2018 Pat Renfro Worked in the manufacturing business for 38 years. Hobbies are woodworking and my 71 chevelle. I have one daughter and son.
10/27/2018 Stan Rhea Retired in 2015 after 34 years with an international engineering and construction company. Time split between home remodeling ,a cabin on Lake Hudson, and seasonal hobbies. Five children, Eight grandchildren, two great grandchildren. Love my kids and two rescue dogs.
10/2/2018 Tim DeCocq Married in 1973, 3 children, 6 grandkids. Retired in 2016. Volunteer at a museum 2 days a week. Enjoy riding my motorcycle and traveling some, and being with family.
9/18/2018 Becky Harrison Beckenstein 2 kids,6 grandkids, 1 poodle, Allstate Agent
9/16/2018 Sheila Scott Oxenreiter Retired, 3 kids, 4 grandkids
8/19/2018 Jim Dodson 4 Grandbabies,my life.
Retired US Army (medically) married almost 48 years. Gave up my last business as a Goldsmith. Patty retired almost w years ago. Most won't remember me. Smokehole rat. Parked on the back row when I was there.
8/9/2018 Sandy Kuntz Hall Special Olympics Coordinator, Coach, 4 Grandchildren
8/5/2018 Nancy McClure o’Shields After 25 years in banking investment and fraud I retired and am now a personal trainer and yoga instructor at a fitness center. My husband and I love to play golf,fish, and anything else outdoors. We have 2 boys and 5 grandkids. We foster and rehome dogs and cats and just enjoy our friends and family.
8/4/2018 connie Tapp QUINN Retired from Design Consultate for Flooring and Tile, Bartender
8/3/2018 Sharon Rhees Kaklamanos Retired school teacher, traveling & “living the Life!
7/26/2018 Stephen S. Platt I was to graduate with the WRH class of 69', but dropped out, returned the next year and graduated in 1970. I attended the class of 69's 10 year reunion in 79. Would like to come to 50th in 2019. Didn't really know anyone in the class of 70'. Later, Stephen S. Platt
6/30/2018 Mary Kuykendall Paschal Retired 2 children 2 grandkids
6/27/2018 Mark Swan Retired - Tulsa Fire Department

4 Wonderful grandchildren
6/26/2018 Richard Keller 4 yrs. Navy, married 77 to present, retired tool maker-machinist.
6/26/2018 Howard Thompson Quality Manager Heater Specialists, LLC/EPTI/MFSI. NDT Level III RT,UT, MT, PT
6/26/2018 Steve and Helen Denny Clark We are planning on attending the 50th reunion and will be in Tulsa in about 12 days for a visit with family and friends. I think we may take the cake for moving as the house here in Knoxville is number 26 if I remember correctly which is why so many people lost track of us. I retired from a job in Columbia SC where I was working on the VC Summer project at the end of June in 2017. Helen said my timing was perfect as they shut the project down 1 month later. Yes I blame SCE&G management for a large part of the problems. My job was to perform technical review and comment on the Westinghouse Electrical and I&C design. We caught Westinghouse in a litany of errors but SCE&G management would not let us hold Westinghouse accountable to fix the problems. I did a crazy thing in that I got my PE when I was 64 in Electrical Engineering when I was 64. I only had to study for a year to pass the test!
6/23/2018 Tom Cummings Retired machinists after 40 plus years. Racing Sprint cars with son Kevin as driver. 3 kids 2 daughters Angela & Kimberly 6 grandchildren
6/22/2018 Jeanne Hoggat Bussey Employed at First National Bank, Marketing Dept., Vinita.
Married 1971, Have son and daughter, and 6 grandchildren.
Live on Ranch west of Vinita
6/7/2018 Steve and Pam Norwood Sherwood We celebrate our 50th anniversary, too next year. Four children ages 47, 45, 42, & 30. Five wonderful grandchildren.
6/7/2018 Pam McFarland Martin I have a daughter, 2 grand children. My biggest hobby is gardening. Love running around with my best friend, saltwater fishing if possible.
6/6/2018 Teresa Stout Goodwin Retired, 2 grandkids, 2 Vizsla dogs
5/21/2018 Janet LaForge Oslund Retired Public Librarian
5/4/2018 Kathy Corbett Langley Mother of 2 daughters, both teachers; 3 grandchildren, and celebrated
being married 47 yrs in Jan 2018. Enjoy genealogy and researching my
Irish ancestors, sewing for my granddaughter and traveling. Retired
paralegal and loving the small town life after years of moving with the
oil industry.
5/4/2018 Pam Parenti Plank Retired from the City of Wichita
5/4/2018 Marlene Davis Ceramics, garden, sewing, pets, working with special needs adults,
5/4/2018 John Blackwell Retired from US Army, Corps of Engineers
4/24/2018 Mary Hicks Eubanks Retired Chamber President and Children's Pastor. I have a daughter,
grandsons 14 & 11 a great son in law (son) and step son and daughter
in law. Love antiques and collect Longaberger Baskets & Pottery.
4/23/2018 John Remington Retired Broken Arrow Police Dept.
Work now Tulsa County Engineering Special Projects.
Also enjoy Grand Lake and Auto Racing
4/23/2018 Sue Hodge Hershberger Bennett Retired except for Choir Director at WRUMC. Two grandchildren,
7 and 18 mo. One spoiled, large black cat. Carl and I square dance.
4/6/2018 Diana Bolain Ingraham Work at Enterprise Holdings in IT.
Family - (Children) Angela 45, Danny 40, and Natalie 34;
(grandchildren) Sierra-25, Kelli-18, Austin-16, Michael-4, Sean-3
and one great-grandchild, Jaylee - 18 mths.
9/8/2016 Susan Spivey O'Dell My husband, Chris, and I, travel and volunteer/work for the BLM and
National Park Service 6mos out of the year. We live in rural AR, have 2
kids, enjoy being outside of big city life but venture into town for good
live music a cold beer and great friends.
12/8/2014 Jean Allison Mathis My husband is retired military and was a graduate from Central High
School in 1969 in Tulsa. We have 2 grown girls with 3 living grandkids
and have 1 deceased grandchild. Are big into showing antique cars and
love to go camping.
7/24/2014 Sheila Scott Oxenreiter Elementary school registrar. Married for 36 years and have 3 children
and 2 grandchildren.
7/7/2014 Daryl Covey Retired from National Weather Service. Live on a farm about 30 miles
southeast of Norman.
4/8/2014 Brenda Scott Rollins I retired from Union Public Schools in 2002. I have a few part-time jobs
which I love. I am not married now and do not have any children. I am
an avid cyclist and have been cycling for almost 30 years, participating in
Freewheel for 20 years, but now retired from riding Freewheel. I travel,
hike, square dance, walk, spend time with family and friends.
3/28/2014 Alan Carmichael Work for the Williams Cos. in Tulsa, going on 29 years. Currently have 6
and waiting on the 7th grandchild in July. Sharon and I just celebrated
our 30th anniversary. Looking for many more. Hope to retire in a year
or so. Play golf, have a lake house on Grand Lake for rest and relaxation.
Love those grandkids. They ware me out!!!Wish everyone the best at
the 45th gathering. Can't make it this time, so look forward to seeing
everyone on the 50th.
God Bless you all, Alan Carmichael
3/28/2014 Roger Alan Larkey Married (to the same woman, Donna) since August 18, 1972. We have
three married daughters and currently have five grandkids but one more
is on the way as of this writing. The oldest daughter and the youngest
daughter are done with having more kids. The middle daughter is the
one who is pregnant and has not said whether or not this is her last.
I have worked for the City of Tulsa since December 2, 1985. Who has
time for hobbies? However, I love to read books when I have the
chance, my wife and I square dance, I am attempting to learn how to
play guitar, and I do prison ministry two times a week on a regular basis
and sometimes three times a week. Not much time for anything else.
3/28/2014 Tom Aston Married Peggy in 1981. We have two children. I retired from Chevron
in 2013. I enjoy playing golf and remodeling my house and my daughter
and son-in-laws house. I have also been known to visit local Casino's
and Casino's on the Mississippi gulf coast.
3/12/2014 Jerry Fenrich When Kris and I married we changed our names.
I now go by: Gerry Ronningen-Fenrich.
Retired architect, love to travel, no children, no pets.
2/1/2014 Jacque Boggs Hornsby Retired, like to fish, crazy about cats, have one son.
Take care of parents three days per week.
Still best friends with Cheryl Clark Pendleton.
2/1/2014 Carla Horn Thompson Professor of Research and Statistics University of West Florida
1/31/2014 Carol Moeckel Marr Retired teacher, but currently tutor elementary students in math.
1/24/2014 Sally Kucera Uebelacker Enjoying work, travel, photography, spending time with family and
1/10/2014 Mark Walker Mark W. Walker - Son,
Blake W. Walker - Son,
Sommer E. Walker - Daughter
1/8/2014 Kathleen Walker Burroughs We've lived in England for 22 years. I work at Cambridge Steiner School.
We have two wonderful sons. Last I knew, Greg Richey lived in or near
Ghent or Harlemville, NY, but that was many years ago. Sorry I will miss
the reunion but it's so good to read all the good news about Rogers.
1/7/2014 Steve and Pam Norwood Sherwood Married 44 years, 4 children, 5 grandchildren, 2 cats

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